• Video Demonstrations

    Learn quickly by watching actual setup and usage of a Skidmore

  • Downloadable Content

    Skidmore-Wilhem's official bolt length and minimum tension charts.

  • Skidmore Setup and Usage

    All aspects of testing bolts are covered, including spacer bushings and torque reaction kits.

  • Skidmore Safety

    Learn properly and safely measure bolt tension with a Skidmore.

Skidmore-Wilhem's bolt tension training combines 60 years of industry experience with the specifications and quality standards from authorities on structural fasteners.

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This course is designed to establish confidence in testing bolt tension by teaching proper setup and usage of a Skidmore bolt tension measuring device.  Completing this course establishes the student as a resource for verifying bolt tension with a Skidmore and gives them the ability to quickly resolve any issues that may arise during the testing of fasteners or installation methods.

Online Training for Skidmore Bolt Tension Measuring Devices

Testing Different Bolt Lengths and Diameters

Setup and Usage of the Skidmore Adapters

Advanced Usage - Spacer Bushings and Torque Reaction Kits